Plug and Play Wireless Install

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wireless plug and playWireless Plug'N Play Install 

Portable Plug'N Play,  easy to install wireless devices come fully configured with a mini router, USB power and plug adapter, HDMI extended wire  The media stick supports HDMI HD 1080P out of the box, so you know it will “play nice” with all of your existing screens and is equipped with optical sound. MediaDroid & Router come configured & tested so as soon as you power it on, you will be up and running to begin playing your content campaigns.



Play Anywhere Software

A robust play anywhere presentation player that was designed to be efficient and secure it supports the most widely used file formats including HD video, audio, animation and images. It can run pretty much anywhere, on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android as well as inside web browsers. It is controlled by the Signage Studio using real time connection. You don’t need any static IPs or any special configuration.


Runs on most operating systems and web browsers. Embed player onto a web page or web address to share with others Some Media players offer local caching engine for off-line playback live preview Kiosk and touch screen compatible Video formats include HD FLV, MP4, MOV & H.264 encoding Image and animation formats include JPG, PNG, GIF, SWF Background music player Live TV support using S-Video, composite, component and HDMI Built in watchdog via the Signage Controller Live snapshots, remote control, player versioning and stats.


Initial Setup obvioulsy needs internet connectivity but after the initial connection our Caching Engine allows for continuos operation of the Signage Players. Internet connection failures and bandwidth slowdowns are all gracefully managed with the help of the Caching Engine.