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Media Design Services 

Modern multimedia marketplace calls for designs of all kinds, with a multitude of different technologies, devices designs need to be prepared to display correctly over all the different digital platforms.  It is equally important to be have correct designs for different printing technologies.  We provide what you need for the medium or mediums that fit your requirements.

'Your CMPTV Agent' come first as a local representatives even your own current designer may complete a registered CMPTV client care consult to then directly consult with business on your core design and concept requirements. The second part of design is a team of multimedia design professions that help support the technical aspects of modern multimedia design of video, web and mobile devices! 

 Animated Video Design

Video can be categorized as real time or pre-recorded, streaming or positioned, and high resolution or low resolution. The network load is dependent on the type of video being sent. Pre-recorded, pre-positioned, low resolution video is little more than a file transfer while real-time streaming video demands a high performance network. We provide professional services to help navigate your message through the digital landscape.



Signage/Kiosk Solutions Dynamic Ad Design

"70% of buying decisions are influenced by signage at the point of purchase, and customers retain 54% more content from dynamic video ads than static content advertisements."

Include LIVE FEED COMPONENTS to keep your display content fresh and relevant on your displays.



CMS Website Design

The web design industry has evolved in many ways, but one particular area has affected how we build websites to a greater extent than any other. The surge in Web-enabled mobile devices has forged a subculture of visitors who require the adaptation of our websites to meet their needs. While mobile design is still in its infancy our design service team continues to develop with our community and the industry.



Modern Mobile Website Design (Mobile Features)

The number of people browsing the Web from a mobile device has more than tripled since 2009, and it is sure to continue growing, with browser platforms such as iOS and Android offering mobile browser support that is almost identical to what we have come to expect from a desktop experience. As the mobile consumer market continues to grow, so will the aspirations of individuals and companies who look to embrace what the mobile Web has to offer.



Commercial Print & Design

Design requirements are different for each printing technology, digital vs commercial vs wide format all require different design techniques to maintain consistent colour which is important to branding, our experience in the full spectrum of technology and techniques keeps us producing premium quality at great prices.