Patrons as Promotion Partners WiFi

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PAPP-Wifi: Create a Social Explosion

Patrons as Promotional Partners Wifi: is turning patrons who likely already use your Wifi and turns them into promotional partners for doing so. Patrons that take advantage of your free wifi must offer a referal or discount coupon to thier friends and professional social networks. Like you on facebook or join anyone of your available social networks.

How your Social Networking works now!                 How your Social Networking works with PAPP Wifi!








Free WIFI is very common in cafes and restaurants all over but usually has an annoying password, now use it as a an advertising tool and leverage other WIFI hotspot advertising broadcasts that are connected through the CMP network.

 Social Network Explosion

Offer mobile audiences free Wi-Fi access in exchange for engaging your advertisements with them even extend through to their social networks with our Social and Coupon App.

"Redeem & Share Coupons": Empower your captive Ad as a coupon which can then be shared across social networks.  In exchange for your free Wifi access your users are prompted to share a value coupon with thier professional and/or social networks.













We have all seen an advert play before a video on YouTube, now local CMP-Wifi Ad Publishing offers local business an opportunity to be recognized for sponsoring community free wifi empowering users and patrons to be promotional partners so share these promotions with your social networks. 





Associated Adverts: PAPP-WIFI locations offer a very unique advertising solution that enables associated advertising opportunities. We empower your free Wi-Fi broadcast with engaging brand advertisements that are shared across multiple users social networks, in exchange forbeing able to access through to the web.

Marketplace Marketing

WIFI hotspots and Social Coupons have “Ads for Access” for acaptive portal advert pr attach sponsorship ads to the Social Explosion coupons! A valuable advertising tool because of your ad being associated with a Social Referral matching demographics and/or  geo location.  For example, a wireless hotspot at a marina may offer adifferent ad directed at boaters or associated ads for local amenities to promote restaurants, events or grocery stores to engage port boaters. 

Local Directory & Events

Landing pages from WIFI hotspots are unique but also include a Local Business Directory that is represented on all landing pages, this is a directory of business and services in the area and your business will want to be present as wifi users do not have to migrate to other directories as one is present upon completing access.