Community Marketplace Television

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A dynamic location based digital media tools that use modern media methodology and technology to encourage local content, and promote local businesses. 

Individual businesses and business people, even communities need strategies and tools that help strengthen their brand loyalty. Community Marketplace Media designs strategies to empower local enterprise to work together and support local.  Wide spread use of search engines like Google small local businesses suffer from a severe disadvantage of economies of scale!  It is almost impossible for smaller community business to compete for the top of Google.  A good example of this is the real estate or mortgage industries. Local listings and financing business are being won through the internet from agents in larger markets who have a larger budget to buy their way to the top of the search engines, they don't pay local taxes or support other local business.

 "70% of buying decisions are influenced by signage at the point of purchase, and customers retain 54% more content from dynamic video ads than static content advertisements." Get yourself connected!

Smartphone or Mobile Point of Sale?

PAPP Free Wifi Internet access, with most community members now carrying smartphones the combination of your television display and free internet access makes each smartphone a point of sale purchasing device.  With busy lifestyles, down times in a waiting room or a service center now become prime point of contact and point of purchase sales areas.  



Digital is less Harmful on our Environment

Digital Signage is a much more efficient way to deliver our messages,  with less expense to our planet.  Helping to get the paper and banners off the walls and out of our land fills.  We all need to to get our message out to our community but what impression are we leaving?  Digital signs can deliver hundreds, thousands and hundreds of thousands of unique images and messages, what is the cost and expense of doing that with traditional paper and banner advertising?